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Claudia's Choices - Calgary's Choice for Envirosponsible, Eco-friendly Laundry & Cleaning Products, Household Products and Cloth Diaper & Baby Accessories
Claudia's Choices Ultra Phosphate Free Laundry Powder

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Laundry Power

I have used this in the past for when I travel to do some hand washing in the sink. I have tried other products out there and still come back to this product. It is the best hand washing soap I have ever used. It works in hot and cold water, washes your clothes really well and rinses out very easily. I would recommend it for any camper or traveler.
Testimonial By: Shawna Baker

Loving the cloth diapers!

My son is three months old and I have had him in the Tots Bots cloth diapers since he was a few weeks old. Lots of people said that cloth diapers would be too much work and that I would switch to disposable - not a chance!!! I really don't find the diapers much work at all especially since he has grown and is pooping less. I only have to wash every second or third day and using Claudia's soap makes the clean up quite easy. The hardest part is probably the rinsing, but it is worth it. I find that he leaks less than when he was in disposables (certain brands are horrible), they allow for his skin to breathe and it certainly eases my conscience. For the first few weeks (before he could fit in the diapers) we were throwing away tons of garbage - now nothing! It is really a great feeling. I also have great things to say about the swimming diaper and the Un-petroleum jelly - great stuff. Thanks Claudia! Jennifer Gardner Lethbridge, Alberta High School Teacher and Mom
Testimonial By: Jennifer Gardner

Loving the Cloth Diapers Part II

I forgot to mention a very important part about using the cloth diapers - they cost less!!! I did a little research and discovered that my initial investment (cost of 20 diapers) would pay for itself in about 6 months. Plus I can use the diapers for my next child and unlike disposables (which I would have to continue to buy) my cloth diapers won't cost me a cent! Better for baby, better for environment and better for pocketbook! Jennifer Gardner - Happy Mom :)
Testimonial By: Jennifer Gardner

Thanks Claudia

thanks claudia. The laundry soap has made cloth diapering a breeze.

Kim Lukacs
KC's Hair & Tanning Salon, Taber, AB

Testimonial By: Kim Lukacs

Great Service!

Thank you Claudia for taking the time to answer the one million questions my husband and I had about cloth diapers. It was great to meet you at the Baby and Tot Show. We left feeling that we bought a great product, and will be in touch when we need more supplies.
Testimonial By: ADelamer

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