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NO ADMAIL Communication Device

Starting at: $4.99 CDN  $3.99 CDN
Save: 20% off

  • Model: Single Unit

A one-step, easy and effective solution for you to communicate to the mail carrier that you do not want to receive unaddressed admail in your mailbox.

This product is foldable sign that is removable at any time in the event a new resident takes over ownership of the mailbox. The device is made of material that will not scrape the mail carrier or the recipients hand/arm or get in the way of the mail carrier when placing mail in the mailbox.

We are all looking for a way to make our planet healthier. Fortunately, we are now no longer forced to accept unaddressed ad mail which is harmful to the environment. No AdMail offers a simple and affordable solution to end the delivery of unaddressed ad mail with the patent pending No AdMail sign. Made of recycled plastic, the sign hangs inside your mailbox and tells your letter carrier you don’t want unaddressed ad mail.

Best of all, it's made in Canada!

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