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November 14 - 29, 2012

 Sponsoring the AppleCheeks 15K Fans Giveaway with a prize donation of a 22 kg (629 loads) Box of Claudia's Choices Ultra Phosphate Free Laundry Powder





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300 Million Diapers Being Added to Alberta Landfills  from Babies Born in 2009


  • Over 51,443 babies were born in Alberta in 2009.
  • Of those, an estimated 90%, or 46,298, are likely wearing disposable diapers.
  •  At an average 6,500 diaper changes per baby, that translates into a staggering 300,000,000 diapers that will have been added to Alberta landfills by the time these babies are potty trained.
  • One baby in disposable diapers produces about 2 tons of non-biodegradable waste.
  •  Over four million disposable diapers are discarded in Canada every day.  It is estimated that disposable diapers will take about 250-500 years to decompose.

Aside from the cost of disposable diapers, and the environmental issues, disposable diapers are also known to contain traces of dioxin, a known carcinogen, and sodium polyacrylate, a chemical that was banned from tampons due to its association with toxic shock syndrome and that can cause skin irritations and severe allergic reactions such as vomiting, staph infections and fever. A 2000 study in the Pediatric Department at the University of Kiel, Germany, found that scrotal temperature was consistently and significantly higher during the use of modern disposable diapers compared with cotton diapers, and that prolonged use of disposable plastic lined diapers may be linked to male infertility and testicular cancer.

According to Claudia Froome, President and Co-owner of Claudia's Choices, cloth diapers also encourage babies to potty train faster than with disposables.

Froome says "parents have so many more choices available these days, including 'all-in-one' cloth diapers that are as easy and convenient to use as disposables; no pins and no separate diaper covers.  Although using a diaper service is preferable over disposables, washing cloth diapers at home allows parents to go bleach free.

According to Environment Canada, the waste from cloth diapers is properly treated as sewage, while disposable diapers in landfills can be a breeding ground for a wide variety of viruses, including Hepatitis B and Polio from vaccines given to newborns.  Also, the effluents from the disposable diaper manufacturing process (plastic, pulp and bleached paper) are more damaging to the environment than the cotton and hemp growing and manufacturing process.

Since cloth diapers are re-usable and they help protect against the depletion of our natural resources, they are eligible for the EcologoM.  This indicates that Environment Canada has recognized them as a superior choice to disposable diapers.

Froome says "the decision to use a healthier, more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapers has become easier in recent years, as alternative products have become more readily available".  Claudia's Choices is a local business offering 'envirosponsible' baby accessories, laundry products and cleaning supplies.

For more information contact Claudia Froome: (403) 613-2274