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Claudia's Choices - Calgary's Choice for Envirosponsible, Eco-friendly Laundry & Cleaning Products, Household Products and Cloth Diaper & Baby Accessories
Claudia's Choices Ultra Phosphate Free Laundry Powder


Claudia's Choices is proud to offer authentic washboards built by the Columbus Washboard Company, the only continuously-operating washboard company in the United States since 1895. These beautiful boards are still hand-assembled, one at a time.
Washboards make wonderful gifts and they are still so practical. Whether you want to wash your delicates on it, use it to pre-treat stains, play on it, or decorate your kitchen wall or laundry room with it, washboards are versatile and unique.
Choose from a variety of rub surfaces, including galvanized metal, spiral metal, glass, and musical stainless steel. The wood used to manufacture these washboards is teak which is from thinnings in an ongoing reforestation program in Costa Rica. The International Forest Stewardship Council has approved this reforestation project to help save natural rainforests. This program has an international Certification number of SGS-COC-0386.