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GABBY'S Swim Diapers

Claudia’s Choices offers Gabby’s® Swim Diapers which are made from the finest materials that let liquids pass through but keep solids contained. Gabby’s® created the worlds first swim diaper in 1990 to answer the question “What does my baby wear in the swimming pool?” Many other manufacturers make copies of the original Gabby’s Pool Pant DiaperTM, some even produce swim suits with a waterproof liner and sell them as swim diapers. We encourage all parents to choose a reusable, washable swim diaper, as Gabby’s® sums it up so perfectly – Because We Don’t Live In A Disposable WorldTM.

Gabby’s® continuously tests and improves their products, working very closely with Health Departments and Pool Operators to ensure their products are the highest quality swim diapers available on the market today. The inner layer is 100% cotton flannelette which remains soft against the skin, yet is durable after multiple washings. The outer layer is an oxford nylon which resists the damaging effects of chlorine and prevents the seepage of stool into the water. Claudia’s Choices offers both styles of Gabby’s® Swim Diapers (pull-ups or velcro-style) in wide range of fun prints.

The sizes available in each print are specified under each print.

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